• Availability

    The most affordable and reliable SAN storage solution
    designed to deliver rock-solid 24/7 system availability.

  • Protection

    Protect your company's valuable business data
    with integrated array-based replication.

  • Continuity

    Don't let data loss stop your business. Protect your office,
    data center and virtual environment with ULTRASTOR.

1B Protect

Powerful Hardware Data Protection Built Into Every ULTRASTOR® ES4000 SAN Storage Solution.


Protect your valuable data with ULTRASTOR's asyncronous, array-based replication. Safeguard your business with professional hardware replication technology .


As enterprises consolidate their IT infrastructures through server and storage virtualization, the importance of data center reliability and recoverability becomes increasingly critical. Data protection can be a complex process in consolidated IT environments with high uptime requirements reducing the time available for backup operations. ULTRASTOR delivers powerful, array-based replication technology for professional DR capabilities built into every ES4000 system.


Benefits of ULTRASTOR®
Array-based Replication

Reduce Risk

Add powerful hardware-based replication capabilities to your business and protect your company's valuable business data.

Reduce Costs

Integrated Array-based Replication copies data between ES4000 systems, eliminating the need for a dedicated replication server and software.

Reduce Complexity

Automate the replication process and reduce complex software/server management & configuration. Set it and forget it .

Reduce Downtime

Maintain business continuity and accelerate disaster recovery windows by implementing ULTRASTOR high availability & replication technology.



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