• Consolidate

    Reduce hardware, energy and operating costs
    by up to 70% through virtualization.

  • Optimize

    Increase IT hardware ultization and enable
    on-demand deployment of new resources.

  • Accelerate

    Leverage disk and flash technolgies to boost performance
    for your mission critical applications and workloads.

Power Your Virtual Data Center

1C Optimize

Accelerate Your Data Center and Lower Your Operating Costs With SSD and SAS Disk Storage.


Combine high speed FC, 10GbE and Gigabit connectivity with SSD & SAS disk technologies to meet demanding workload requirements. Create drive groups based on application priority and gain higher storage efficiency and IOPS for critical applications.


The ULTRASTOR ES3000 and ES4000 systems leverage the unique benefits and capabilities of virtualization. By reducing the amount of physical hardware, an organization can greatly reduce operating and energy costs through the use of a centralized storage strategy. ULTRASTOR is a VMware certified SAN solution that is ready to meet the demands of complex virtual environments.


Benefits of ULTRASTOR®
Virtualization Certified Solutions

Increase Value

Consolidate IT hardware and reduce equipment, energy and infrastructure costs by upt o 70%.

Increase Performance

Boost IOPS by up to 50% and leverage dynamic hardware offload technology designed to maximize performance.

Increase Versatility

Combine high speed FC, 1GbE and 10Gbe iSCSI protocols for greater flexibility & efficiency in the data center.

Increase Utilization

A centralized SAN storage solution reduces dependance on multiple storage islands and infrastrucure connectivity.


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