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Intelligent, data-aware SSD caching now available for all ES4200 series systems.


ULTRASTOR CachePEAK™ delivers higher IOPS and greater storage efficiency for critical and high transactional data-driven IT environments.


Leverage the power of flash with ULTRASTOR CachePEAK™, intelligent  SSD data caching technology. CachePEAK™ delivers cost-effective IOPS performance acceleration for critical IT data workflows. Increase storage efficiency in high transactional & random I/O environments such as database, financial, virtualization and webservers/cloud applications. CachePEAK™ uses intelligent algorithims to analyze data trends and provide accelerated data delivery.



CP 1

Data is stored on to RAID protected disk drives. CachePEAK™ may be configured to write simultaneously to disk and flash (Populate Cache on Write). Writing to hard disk first (Populate Cache on Read) allows for more efficient use of available flash storage capacity. Data is written to disk and access trends are analyzed, creating a priority-based, data-aware storage platform.


CP 1

As data is accessed, CachePEAK™ writes requested data to flash. CachePEAK™ includes user-defined cache policies - allowing system administrators to set a custom caching threshold. Increasing the cache threshold can help conserve flash storage capacity by reserving  flash capacity for more frequently accessed data (Hot Data).


CP 1

Consecutive read requests for the same data is now accessed directly from flash - providing greater workflow efficiency and lower access time. CachePEAK™ brings a new level of performance to database, virtualization, cloud/SaaS, VDI, imaging and broadcast environments.


CP 1

CachePEAK™ immediately begins to analyze I/O traffic. Frequent or high priority data is read directly from flash, while infrequently accessed data is read from disk. Low priority or infrequent data is purged to free flash capacity for new "hot" data. Infrequent data remains on disk.





Increase Performance

Leverate SSD flash technology. Add speed to your workflow and boost IOPS by up to 200%.

Increase Efficiency

Gain higher storage effeciency and lower your data access time for a leaner, faster storage platform.

Reduce Bottlenecks

Data access is spread accross flash and disk. Frequent data is accessed directly from flash, infrequent data is accessed from disk.

Reduce Waste

Automatically purge unsed or infrequent data from flash. Create a self monitoring, data-aware, IT ecosystem.


CachePEAK™ Ready Systems


4200 new full



The 4200 Series is the most versatile active/active storage system designed with ease-of-use and simple deployment for Virtualized infrastructures and cloud service providers.

  • High Availability Gigabit iSCSI Platform
  • Snapshots, Thin Provisioning, Replication
  • DXE™ Hardware Accleration

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4200 new full



The 4200TG hybrid system offers a combination of high speed 10G iSCSI and 1GbE iSCSI connectivity for increased versatility and value from a single, scalable SAN platform.

  • Combine 10G & 1GbE iSCSI Connectivity
  • Snapshots, Thin Provisioning, Replication
  • DXE™ Hardware Acceleration

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4200 new full



The 4200FS Hybrid System combines high availability and multi-storage protocol connectivity (FC/iSCSI) with powerful ULTRASTOR GEN4 features for mission critical business applications.

  • Combine 8G FC & 1GbE iSCSI Connectivity
  • Snapshots, Thin Provisioning, Replication
  • DXE™ Hardware Acceleration

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