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Thriveon Expands Cloud Capabilities With ULTRASTOR®

Minnesota's Leading IT Service Provider Selects ULTRASTOR SAN Storage for Growing Cloud Market and Gains Added Reliability in The Process



Founded in 2002, Thriveon is Minnesota's leading IT business services provider and one of the fastest growing Cloud solutions provider. Thriveon offers complete business solutions from managed services, disaster recovery, VOIP systems, support and Cloud-based technology solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.





The Challenge

When a leading IT service provider experienced significant growth in their Cloud service offerings, it presented considerable challenges on their hardware infrastructure. Issues revolved around the efficiency of their existing storage, the cost of adding more of the same and the ability to find a solution that could integrate with their existing infrastructure.


Adding to the problem, Thriveon needed to fast track deployment to meet the growing demand for Cloud-based services. "We were running a large number of VM host and were running into growth limitations. The amount of VM guests on a host was limited to a small number and the ability to grow was becoming a problem" noted Bloedow.


Thriveon's infrastructure is comprised of high performance server hardware running a virtual environment that provides customers with customized computing solutions such as Exchange servers, SQL and terminal servers. The chosen storage solution would need to address the critical nature of Thriveon's services and the resulting impact to clientele who rely on Thriveon's IT infrastructure for business continuity. Data availability and hardware redundancy would play an important role in the final decision.



"It was getting expensive to always have to spin up new VM host and drive spacing was constantly an issue. We needed a solution that allowed for rapid growth at a low price, but yet was a rock solid solution."

Jake Bloedow Network Systems Administrator, Thriveon



The Solution

After researching a number of solutions, Thriveon selected Enhance Technology's ULTRASTOR ES3160P4D iSCSI-SAN platform. The ES3160P4D is a hardware-based, high availability IP SAN that features a modular system design and redundant storage controllers for maximum data availability. Eight 1GbE iSCSI data ports allowed for multiple host server connections and provided Thriveon with highly scalable and flexible centralized SAN.


The ULTRASTOR ES3160P4D iSCSI-SAN platform is completely VMware certified which gave Thriveon the confidence to adopt the ULTRASTOR ES platform as the primary storage system for their cloud environment. The ES3160P4D connects to multiple servers through Thriveon's network infrastructure, which makes provisioning storage to new servers happen instantaneously. The ULTRASTOR management interface simplifies the administration process, allowing Thriveon's IT staff to focus on the needs of their customers.


The top factors in selecting Enhance Technology were cost and versatility according to Jake Bloedow. "The price compared to our other vendors was the biggest deciding factor. The price was so reasonable for the quality of the device and features we received. We currently have one controller setup as a 16 TB offsite data store and the second controller is connected to two VMware hosts that are each running between 6 to 8 VM guests"



Performance, Reliability and Features

The ULTRASTOR ES3160P4D is a dual controller, Active-Active, iSCSI SAN storage solution designed for high data availability and 24/7 operation. Featuring eight 1GbE iSCSI data ports, users can attach the ES3160P4D to multiple servers to ensure data accessibility with high-performance and full iSCSI bandwidth. In addition to the ES3160P4D's dual RAID controllers and I/O modules, the dual redundant power supplies and cooling modules are hot-swappable and are easily field-replaceable, providing the ultimate redundancy and reliability for mission critical and data intensive applications to meet storage requirements across the most demanding environments.



"Our ULTRASTOR ES3160P4D SAN has been amazing! Our Enhance SAN has been running in live production for almost a year now without a glitch or downtime. Enhance Technology has allowed us to rapidly grow out our data center at a lower cost while still being able to provide customers with the most reliable service."

Jake Bloedow Network Systems Administrator, Thriveon



About Thriveon
Thriveon has been serving Minnesota since 2002, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses. It's always been our goal to provide enterprise-level IT practices and solutions to the small business sector, with small business prices. Our experience has allowed us to build and develop the infrastructure needed to keep our prices affordable and our clients up and running. To learn more about Thriveon, please visit www.thriveon.co


About Enhance Technology, Inc.
Founded in 1997, Enhance Technology, Inc. is a recognized technology leader bringing high-quality storage products and solutions to the global IT marketplace. Enhance Technology offers a diverse range of Primary and Nearline storage solutions for virtualization, records compliance, database, cloud services providers, medical imaging, disk-based backup, geophysical/geographical imaging and digital media production applications. To learn more about Enhance Technology, please visit www.enhance-tech.com




Key Benefits

  • Fault tolerant, fully redundant, active controller design
  • Robust hardware design ensures predictable reliability
  • Multiple RAID pool support for efficient utilization of disks
  • Scalable design offers incremental capacity growth
  • Certified for use in VMware environments

What Our Customers Are Saying blurb

  • Gary Hall, CEO & Founder, MacAce

    Our ES3160 SANs have performed faultlessly with continually increased load. Performance and I/O have significantly improved over our previous storage systems.

  • Jake Bloedow, Network Admin, Thriveon

    Our ULTRASTOR ES3160P4 has been amazing! Our ES3160 SAN has allowed us to rapidly grow out our data center and provide customers with the most reliable service.

  • Mike Thompson, Western Digital Corporation

    ULTRASTOR is a solid performer. This system can compete side by side with some of the best systems that we have tested in our lab to date.

  • A.J. Lacomba, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

    We have been very happy with our SAN design and choice of hardware vendors. Our ULTRASTOR systems have been working flawlessly.

  • Kenaz Thomas, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

    This is just incredible that we can do everything in just one unit! Overall, so far we are very satisfied and in our opinion we got the best bang for the buck!

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