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“Our ULTRASTOR systems continue to perform well and every time we need to upgrade to bigger drives or bigger applications, ULTRASTOR is able to expand with us.”
Kevin Hearst, Local Hero Post
“During the 30 months we have had this array; we have experienced two power surges. No only did I not experience any data loss, the drives rebuilt themselves and kept right on functioning.”
Scott Freeman, Genomics Institute, Novartis
“Our ULTRASTOR SAN has been amazing! We been running in live production for almost a year now without a glitch or downtime."
Jake Bloedow, Thriveon
"ULTRASTOR is already helping us put out more DVDs and Blu-Rays! And I like the LEDs better than our Promise Vtrak."
David, The Criterion Collection
"The ULTRASTOR met all our requirements to a 'T' and we got a great price. What really sealed the deal was the excellent service."
Sharon Ray, DVarchive
"We love this equipment!"
Mona Gamboa, Happy Jack Software
"The feature set matched what I was looking for, it was better priced; and the configuration was more flexible than the competition."
Gil Rivlis, University of Rochester

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