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"Last night a storm knocked out our power. We were in here trying to restore our data center. Our ULTRASTOR SAN came back to life and in great shape. Some of the competitive products did not."
Douglas Sensening, BCPA
"ULTRASTOR provided NaviMedix an extremely powerful, yet cost effective data storage solution. Our SAN is the cornerstone of our virtualization deployment and has provided us the speed and reliability required to operate a 24x7 environment."
Craig Richard, NaviMedix
"After using the ULTRASTOR RS16JS, I found that this system is totally awesome."
Michael Bean, AMUG
"ULTRASTOR was an ideal solution for Music Mountain, installation was a breeze and our iSCSI SAN runs up to 10 times faster than our previous NAS system."
John Pimentel, Founder, Music Mountain
"We have been very happy with our SAN design and choice of hardware vendors. Our ULTRASTOR systems have been working flawlessly."
A.J. Lacomba, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
"Thanks for your help. You should know that there are a number of people very interested in your technology,...they were astonished that the ULTRASTOR RS16 could support similar amounts of storage capacity for closer to $12K."
Robert Wallace, US Army Corps of Engineers
"ULTRASTOR is a solid performer and has many good features. The systems can compete side by side with some of the best systems that we have tested in our lab to date. The system ranked at the upper end of the performance curve."
Mike Thompson, Western Digital Corporation

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