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Enhance Technology understands the transition to "Information Technology as a Service" (ITaaS) by developing the ULTRASTOR 4000 series to simplify the complexities of cloud storage. Through innovative products and services, Enhance Technology facilitates the evolution to the cloud and helps selected cloud service partners provide data protection to small, medium and large enterprises.


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Boost IOPS by up to 50% with dynamic hardware iSCSI offload technology.

Data Center Reliability

Reduce risk, maintain fluid business continuity and meet service level objectives.


Add on-demand capacity growth without interrupting I/O. Dynamically scale up to 1.2PB.


High Performance iSCSI Technology

Over the years, fibre channel was the preferred choice in the IT environment. Things changed with the introduction of 10GbE iSCSI which provides higher performance to meet application requirements. Enhance Technology's core strength in iSCSI engineering make ULTRASTOR systems the most cost-efficient solutions in Cloud Computing.


The Highest Level of Reliability

Enhance Technology integrates award-winning storage technology with best-in-class mechanical and silicon drives to offer the industry's most reliable, application-driven solutions. ULTRASTOR's active-active, dual controller solutions deliver continuous and predictable storage availability while overcoming the single-point-of-failure limitation inherent in traditional NAS and all-in-one, multi-protocol storage-server platforms.


On-Demand Storage Growth

Maximize your IT storage hardware investment by eliminating wasteful overprovisiong . ULTRASTOR Thin Provisioning reduces the complexity involved in extending RAID sets & LUNs by enabling on-demand storage growth (up to 1.2PB) through dymanic volume virtualization - resulting in higher storage efficiency and savings.


From the Desktop to the Cloud

ULTRASTOR offers VMware certified SAN solutions ready to meet the demands of today's virtual data centers. Integrated features such as VAAI  provide hardware acceleration and added functionality within your VMware infrastructure. Combine Entrprise-class disk technologies (7.2K, 10K & SSDs) and achieve a perfect mix of IOPS and bulk storage capacity. ULTRASTOR is supported and recommened for VMware, Hyper-V and Citrix data centers.



Recommended Products

Key Benefits

  • Easy to deploy, integrate, and manage.
  • Highly scalable with on-demand, dynamic storage expansion.
  • Ideal for second-tier storage or backup target requirements.
  • Supports all leading operating systems and applications.

What Our Customers Are Saying blurb

  • Gary Hall, CEO & Founder, MacAce

    Our ES3160 SANs have performed faultlessly with continually increased load. Performance and I/O have significantly improved over our previous storage systems.

  • Jake Bloedow, Network Admin, Thriveon

    Our ULTRASTOR ES3160P4 has been amazing! Our ES3160 SAN has allowed us to rapidly grow out our data center and provide customers with the most reliable service.

  • Mike Thompson, Western Digital Corporation

    ULTRASTOR is a solid performer. This system can compete side by side with some of the best systems that we have tested in our lab to date.

  • A.J. Lacomba, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

    We have been very happy with our SAN design and choice of hardware vendors. Our ULTRASTOR systems have been working flawlessly.

  • Kenaz Thomas, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

    This is just incredible that we can do everything in just one unit! Overall, so far we are very satisfied and in our opinion we got the best bang for the buck!

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  • Scale to Petabyte Capacity

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