ULTRASTOR® in Education





ULTRASTOR solutions are used in a variety of Educational IT applications, such as:

  • Server backup
  • Database storage
  • Email systems
  • Departmental storage
  • Virtualization infrastructure
  • Media labs, shared storage
  • Surveillance and security
  • Records management



Customer Testimonials


"The feature set matched what I was looking for, it was better priced; and the configuration was more flexible than the competition."
Gil Rivlis, University of Rochester

"We have been very happy with our SAN design and choice of hardware vendors. Our ULTRASTOR systems have been working flawlessly."
A.J. Lacomba, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

"The ULTRASTOR is very reliable, easy to install, configure and the performance is as advertised! In my opinion, Enhance Technology is at the forefront of the storage industry offering reliable and very cost effective storage solutions."
Elmir Husetovic - CBTE, College of DuPage

univ washington   "Our ULTRASTOR has been running for several months without a single glitch", thanks to Enhance Technology in providing excellent support ."
Brian Leverson - Senior Computer Specialist, University of Washington


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