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ULTRASTOR® is the best-selling storage brand from global innovator, Enhance Technology. Founded in 1997, Enhance Technology has become a recognized technology leader bringing high-quality storage products and solutions to the global IT marketplace. Enhance Technology offers a diverse range of primary and nearline storage solutions for virtualization, compliance, database, MS Exchange, cloud services providers, medical imaging, disk-based backup, geophysical/geographical imaging and digital media production applications.


ULTRASTOR® has provided NaviMedix an extremely powerful, yet cost effective data storage solution. Our SAN is the cornerstone of our virtualization deployment and has provided us the speed and reliability required to operate a 24x7 environment.

Craig Richard Director of IT, NaviMedix


Seamlessly Integration With the Hardware and Software You Rely On

Whether your rolling out a new virtual server environment with the latest in HA SAN technology, implementing a DR strategy, leveraging affordable disk-based backup, improving workflow efficiency or creating the next big Hollywood blockbuster, Enhance makes it easy for you to integrate a complete storage solution designed around your application and existing hardware.


We have been very happy with our SAN design and choice of hardware vendors. Our ULTRASTOR® systems have been working flawlessly.

A.J. Lacomba MIS, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Designed to Optimize Your IT Storage Investment

Enhance Technology understands that acquisition costs are only one factor in maximizing your ROI when making storage decisions. Enhance goes beyond meeting your basic "form factor, connectivity, application, performance and budget" requirements by ensuring that every storage solution you choose is tested and validated for your specific data environment.


" The ULTRASTOR® RS is a solid performer. This system can compete side by side with some of the best systems that we have tested in our lab to date. This system ranked at the upper end of the performance curve."

Mike Thompson Western Digital Corporation


The ULTRASTOR® Advantage

  • Flexible Storage Configurations to meet the widest array of your application delivery requirements.
  • Application tested storage solutions enable us to ensure your specific application requirements will be met.
  • 16 years of storage technology innovation helping to standardize the next generation of storage architectures.
  • A team of storage technology specialists with decades of industry experience.
  • End-to-end service programs to ensure your systems run at peak performance now and for years to come.

What Our Customers Are Saying blurb

  • Gary Hall, CEO & Founder, MacAce

    Our ES3160 SANs have performed faultlessly with continually increased load. Performance and I/O have significantly improved over our previous storage systems.

  • Jake Bloedow, Network Admin, Thriveon

    Our ULTRASTOR ES3160P4 has been amazing! Our ES3160 SAN has allowed us to rapidly grow out our data center and provide customers with the most reliable service.

  • Mike Thompson, Western Digital Corporation

    ULTRASTOR is a solid performer. This system can compete side by side with some of the best systems that we have tested in our lab to date.

  • A.J. Lacomba, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

    We have been very happy with our SAN design and choice of hardware vendors. Our ULTRASTOR systems have been working flawlessly.

  • Kenaz Thomas, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

    This is just incredible that we can do everything in just one unit! Overall, so far we are very satisfied and in our opinion we got the best bang for the buck!

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Trusted by the world's most recognized organizations

Enhance Technology a global company dedicated to achieving the business goals of each client. We are proud to serve customers across all industries in every part of the world.



Banking and Financial

  • Citizens National Bank
  • Farmers National Bank
  • Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
  • FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation)
  • Union Savings Bank
  • Wells Fargo

Data Center/IT

  • Fast PC Networks
  • MacAce
  • Unlimited Discovery
  • Thriveon
  • Rentacrate, LLC

Defense and Aerospace

  • Boeing
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Northrop Grumman
  • NASA Space Science Visualization Lab
  • Raytheon
  • SAIC

Healthcare and Imaging

  • Boston Scientific
  • GE Medical
  • NaviMedix
  • Novartis Pharmaceuticals
  • Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
  • Philips Healthcare



Forensic Analysis

  • O.C. Forensic Laboratory
  • Digital Intelligence
  • Ocean Systems

Geophysics and Exploration

  • Bentek Energy
  • IKON Sciences
  • Kongsberg Maritime AG

Semiconductor and Electronics

  • Applied Materials, Inc.
  • Infineon Technologies, AG

Software Development

  • Happy Jack Software



Military and Armed Forces

  • Canadian Army
  • United States Army
  • United States Coast Guard
  • United States Navy
  • US Army Corps of Engineers
  • US Department of Defense
  • Cyber Crime Center (DC3)

Media and Entertainment

  • Baby Boom Pictures
  • HBO
  • Dashbox
  • FOX Television
  • GTV Taiwan
  • KBS America
  • Magic Feather
  • NBC Entertainment
  • Sony Entertainment


  • Freeport Press
  • Information Week
  • NewBay Media

Security Surveillance

  • A-Systems Video
  • G4S
  • Genomics Institute
  • Philips



Educational Institutions

  • Columbia University
  • Indiana University
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • University of Chicago
  • College of DuPage
  • University of Florida
  • University of Hawaii
  • University of Illinois
  • University of Massachusetts
  • University of Southern California
  • University of Technology, Sydney
  • University of Washington

Government Agencies

  • City of Charlotte
  • City of Fort Worth
  • City of Pasadena
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • US Department of Agriculture
  • US Department of Transpiration (DOT)
  • US District Court of Arizona
  • US District Court of Eastern North Carolina
  • US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • US Fish and Wildlife Services





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